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The Client

BAINY tailors all of its work to the unique needs of each client. The client's goals and objectives become ours. BAINY works with its clients to help design programs to achieve the clients' objectives. Together, we can design and implement formative evaluations and summative evaluations useful to the client. We help clients interpret findings and identify useful implications of the data.

The Approach to Evaluation

BAINY approaches each client in a spirit of collaboration designed to enhance the client's understanding of the linkages between program implementation and program evaluation. In the early stages of a project, implementation analysis and formative evaluation may be more valuable to the client than rigorous outcomes studies. We often help clients "zero in" in on their most important objectives. Then we help clients select qualitative and quantitative measures of change. Metrics are only chosen when the client is satisfied that the measures are reliable and meaningful to them. We emphasize the importance of flexibility as projects evolve.

The Bottom Line

BAINY is sensitive to issues surrounding the benefits and the costs of using multiple measures of program impact. BAINY can help calculate the benefits and costs of programs and of program change. More than thirty years of evaluation work helps BAINY design and implement efficient and cost effective evaluations.